Meet the Team

  • Amanda Lovelace
    Veterinary Technician

    Amanda is a native of Florence, SC. She is a mom to her adorable babies, Payton and Dayton, and her German Shepherd, Sky! She enjoys creating decorative door hangers or snacking on her favorite food: sweet potato fries! Her favorite part about being a Veterinary Technician is getting puppy kisses and saving fur babies. Working every day with Dallas and Jenny makes the job even more fun!

    Fun Fact: She has twins boys!

  • Dr. Charles Hewitt

    Dr. Charles 'Chuck' Hewitt was born and raised in Florence, SC, and after attending Tuskegee University for veterinary school, returned back to his hometown to open his practice. When he is not treating animals at Westside Veterinary Clinic, you can find him fishing on a boat or driving his tractor. Dr. Hewitt owns two Labrador Retrievers: an English yellow lab, Remi, and a black lab, Whistle. Wilson, a mixed breed rescue, is also part of the family. He has a soft spot for puppies, but his favorite aspect of the job is being able to see the animals grow up and know them throughout their lives.

    Fun Fact: Dr. Hewitt loves the beautiful sunsets of South Carolina and often takes pictures to share with friends and family!

  • Dr. Sylvia Hewitt

    Dr. Sylvia Hewitt is originally from Venezuela, but after moving to the United States, she attended Louisiana State University for her undergraduate education and then Tuskegee University for veterinary school. She then settled in Florence, SC to start a family and open the practice. After a busy day at the office, Dr. Hewitt enjoys going on walks or working in the yard on her plants and flowers. She owns Alvin, a yellow cat, a yellow, English Labrador Retriever, Remi, a black, American Labrador Retriever, Whistle, and her mixed breed rescue, Wilson.  Her favorite aspects of being a veterinarian are being able to help make pets feel better and working with her wonderful staff members.

    Fun Fact: Dr. Hewitt loves to salsa dance and she always looks forward to watching the sunrise!

  • Dr. Marita Anderson

    Dr. Marita Anderson is originally from New Jersey and attended the University of Georgia for veterinary school. She is our exotic pet expert here at Westside. In her free time, she enjoys horseback riding, traveling, skiing, dancing, or going out for a drive! Dr. Anderson is the owner of French Bulldogs that are hilarious, cuddly, and playful. Kevlan, Berreta, and Dahlia are her sweet, loyal, and intelligent large breed dogs. Mini is the little princess of the house and Darby and Doodle are the trouble makers! Dr. Anderson's favorite aspects of being a vet are the animals, the people, and being able to make a positive impact on their lives.

    Fun Fact: Dr. Anderson is about to become a grandmother for the first time and she is so excited!

  • Jenny Richardson
    Veterinary Technician

    Jenny is originally from Bogotá, Colombia! She loves her six Boston Terriers: Lola, Alma, Blue, Guapo, Anna Banana, and Zuzu Petals, and her four Frenchies: Ramon, Tuco, Lupe, and Gigi! Jenny is very creative and loves to make crafts and paint. Her favorite part about being a Veterinary Technician is being able to help with treatments and surgeries-especially C-sections. Puppy kisses and working with Amanda and Dallas just adds to the job!

    Fun Fact: Jenny loves eating chips & salsa and rice!

  • Dallas Keith
    Veterinary Technician

    Dallas is a native of Florence, SC. She is a loving fur-mom to her black lab, Jack. In her free time, Dallas enjoys treating herself to date at the nail salon! Her favorite part about being a Veterinary Technician is being able to help with treatments and surgeries. Snuggling kittens, playing with puppies, and working with Amanda and Jenny make the job even better!

    Fun Fact: For Dallas, a good scoop of guacamole is priceless, especially with some chips & salsa!

  • Lisa Montrose
    Kennel Technician

    Lisa is from Darlington, SC and lives in Hartsville. She loves to sing, dance, and play online games in her free time. Helping others and keeping everything clean are very important to her! Lisa loves her three cats: Tempie, a gray ten-year-old, Peanut, a black four-year-old, and Boots, an orange & white one-year-old. Her favorite aspects of being a Kennel Technician are taking care of all the animals and playing with them. She also enjoys getting to know the owners of the animals!

    Fun Fact: She loves to make people laugh!

  • Mariah Freeman

    Mariah is from Hartsville, SC, and enjoys hobbies like shopping for old vinyl records or crafting. She has a German Shepherd, Katie, who loves to tag along on car rides and a Boxer/Pitbull mix, Diesel, the baby of the family! Mariah also loves to spoil her kitties, Roadie and Opposum, who are always ready to play. Her favorite part about being a receptionist at Westside is connecting with people through her shared loved of animals. She enjoys working with her coworkers and says there is no place she would rather be!

    Fun Fact: The one activity Mariah could never give up is fishing!

  • Celeste Mercuri

    Celeste is from Florence, SC and is a proud owner of her mixed breed rescue, Talia! Her pup loves to tag along on car rides, play fetch, and get plenty of belly rubs. Celeste often says Talia really rescued her! Pet sitting, crafting, decorating, and working in the yard are all activities that Celeste enjoys when she has free time. Her favorite part about working at Westside Veterinary Clinic is being involved in customer services because she gets to meet new people and pets every day!

    Fun Fact: Celeste loves to be adventerous and take sporadic trips

  • Summer Freeman

    Summer originates from Florence, SC, and is the loving owner of Tonks, a Pitbull mix. Tonks was rescued after being unclaimed and is now the best part of Summer's life! Doing make-up, spending time with friends and family, and traveling are all activities that Summer enjoys. Her favorite aspects of being a receptionist at Westside are meeting all the fur-babies and working with great co-workers!

    Fun Fact: Summer volunteers with the Florence Little Theatre and claims it to be her 'home away from home'!

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